I know that g of the Japanese southernmost edge is Japanese island in the south than Taiwanese capital, Taipei for the first timeD  I put up a canvas and begin sketching.  The air which the wind is quiet kindly, and is peaceful flows.  The most southernmost extreme where the sea was blue forever had the national flag of Japan and various monuments, and it was the symbolic place that the thought of people condensed

g`sdqtl`@h (oil painting F6)

 I go to Kume-jima Island with propeller plane Bonn Baru Derr that the tail assembly has a mark of pretty rhhr`` from main island of Okinawa.  When the wheel of the airplane will appear, I worried, but the bus of the country to take off from smoothly feels worn-out, but an actual feeling to fly in the sky because the blue sea of Okinawa is seen right below does it.

f Island matching with l rock seems to symbolize a man, but after all is seen in the g gourd Island of the old TV cartoon film story for me

f@h@ M6 oil painting

The scenery to watch in the morning from the shore of the hotel reflected the light of the day of the southern country and glittered
Morning of ddt@a@@F4 oil painting
Okinawa landscape2