A mountain range and the Chikuma River of the remaining snow

The snow of the far-off mountain range begins to finally melt and the late spring of the snowy district is slow and does it.  The Chikuma River catches the light of the day, too, and brightness, slush become noble lineage and drift.@The s give off the fragrance of the flower and gold to glisten and enjoy joy of the life.

I hear the reed pipe of the misty moonlight night in the distance, too.  When I noticed, I felt that I returned on that past day.

b Park (Iiyama-) oil painting F6

Shojinko F4 oil painting of the summerWhen the rcutcher Pond of Chiba Park is about June every year, an Oga lotus flowers.  Lotuses close a flower generally in the afternoon, but I can think that the state that bloomed lasts long as for this lotus; there is the institution of the monorail in the distance, too, and seem to be a park of the downtown; is tasteful.  The lotus becoming the citizen's oasis becomes the flower of Chiba-shi he

Oga lotus (Chiba-) oil painting F8

Mt.Fuji of the summer does not readily appear from the interval of the cloud.  However, lucky time showing the silhouette comes as a mountain felt my feeling.
Shojinko F4 oil painting of the summer

I feel like seeming to be the reason that I watch Hakusan at the time when it is young that I am relieved when I see a far-off mountain putting snow on the top, and was brought up.

Yatsugatake mountain range F6 oil painting