I can look around cherry trees of Mt.Yoshino from Flower Yagura observatory.  At the place that this view has best, a wild cherry tree delicately changes into 1,000 with light pink, flesh color, gray from upper 1,000 of them.  And it leads to the shrine of Zao

Cherry tree of Mt.Yoshino  P20

I leave for the mountain range of Sannin with the Mt. Crow , and we go for a drive while watching a majestic figure of Daisen with another name of Hoki Fuji in the distance.  Then Hiruzen Daisen Skyline becomes the autumnal scenery and, as for the season, gradually deepens to winter

Mt.Daisen of the autumnal scenery @F6 oil painting

Fishing boat floats in Lake Biwa-ko.  The migratory bird which came from the north country becomes the vee and they go overLake Biwa-ko Bridge and Mt.Hiei-zan and fly in the sky.