It seems that the Sea of Okhotsk is round a little when I stand at the edge of this cape.  Sakhalin island of Russia territory is veiled far in the distance and is seen when I come to the Soya cape which is Japanese Thule. A lot of tourists who got on a bus sometimes go down and it is quick and leaves for the next spot hastily when they take a photograph.

Soya cape @F4 oil painting

In the Sea of Okhotsk, there is a feeling of deep transparence with clear blue different from the south sea. It seems to wash away all the dirt of the daily life that I lived in so far.  I feel obedient strangely when I come to the cape of Rebun-Island of the north end in the Sea of Okhotsk.  Therefore it was inquired into a heart and noticed oneself who could become the clear feeling like the name of this cape.

The Cape of Sukai

The cool fog from Okhotsk. Sea wraps up the LakeOtatomari in the summer.  When seabirds gather in north paradise, a quiet time goes by in the lake.

Rishiri Fuji that I did not see emerged from the interval of the cloud so far.However, the weather ofRishiri Island where it fades between clouds again in a moment is a whim

 Rishiri  Island  F6 oil painting

 Lake Toya is Lake caldera which there are four islands, and, in the morning, the surface of it is quiet.  The lake of Hokkaido overflowed for the cool in the summer.  The LakeToya summit was held, too

Lake Toya   F4 oil painting