The visual arts were seen a lot in the days of the Renaissance at the Imperial Court and a temple. However, after the Impressionists, it got possible to be appreciated at a personal residence. However, I get possible to appreciate the visual arts through digital gadgets such as not only a gallery and the exhibition hall but also television and the Internet, a smartphone today. In addition, I got possible to enjoy the place at not only the workplace and the home but also restaurant, a hotel, a street and every place, too. However, with paint, the act to picture in a canvas with a hand is more splendid than the imagination space that is which digital. I bring inspiration and the originality that are not provided with the digital gadget.
But it is a fact that a picture work can be connected to the people in the world by using the digital gadget. I realize it like that. Will the greedy thought to want to get the both be my selfishness?
At all events Japanese well-known haiku poet Basho Matsuo whom I respect leaves words called the constancy, but is convinced when there is right the essence of the art here.