I want to expect it with such a feeling to always describe in a pure white canvas. 
 When I go to the sketching, I become the feeling that always mingled for expectation and uneasiness.  It is omen to new production, and the expectation wants to be an encounter with oneself who is new.  In addition, the uneasiness is a vague thing, but it may be existence itself called oneself, but thinks that this indeterminacy is important.  Labelling it to having been selected beforehand wants to avoid it. 
 However, I know it when it is one's shallow arrogance to be troubled this and that before wrestling.  When I cut off an easel and make Nature the very front, various, hesitating gradually disappears. 
 It is it with a prelude to the production to begin from now on widely in the high sky to continue forever in the very front; is white, and is taught existence of the space by the cloud which floated in the sky.  The mountain range which I become heavy, and spread out produces layouts with a feeling of powerful rhythm.  The big flow of a river and the sea becomes the move man before long and a forest and a forest bring on harmony.  Brilliance of flowers accentuates and leads oneself.  There is oneself who gets into the world all too soon when I notice, but, actually, it is possible for the expression that there is not so far while I picture it like a man in a trance.  It is possible for a canvas, and this process is unbearable, and the picture that the imagination was not available either is good by oneself at the same time as something drops. 
 It was it "Time flies like an arrow" in a year to understand the words of ancient people as a sense without there "being it in the water of the book, besides, without the streamflow to go for dying out". 
 I am not seen when I live as I am pressed by the life of at hand though I catch sight of the change of the daily season or a change of flowers. 
 The sketching does not have the feelings that I want to go to here in particular for, but is mysterious because it is good and, however, is fixed at nature.  There is the posture that I continue describing one place in, but there is a method deciding depending on a feeling to oneself. 
 Even if the paysage says anything, after all first , a sense of reality are splendid, and what I picture locally has good  feeling. 
 I demand a tall tale, boundlessness continuing forever in reality, reality in a tall tale and go out on a trip whimsically today.